About Tora Cycles

Tora Cycles was started by two friends in 2020 with the aim of making bikes whose sole focus is on the rider experience and having fun.

Mountain biking has been at our core since the early 1990’s and we were always fascinated by clean lines, machined parts and bright anodising which adorned high end bikes back then, something that we feel has been lost with the current modern mass produced offerings.

We became increasingly underwhelmed with what manufacturers were offering, and as such decided we needed to make our own bikes that met our wants and needs.

Combining our extensive mountain bike knowledge with our professional engineering, fabrication and design backgrounds, we have designed and created the bikes that we wanted ‘back in the day’ but could not get, and we know that other like-minded riders will love them as much as we do.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of mountain biking, the rawness of BMX and the style of Moto X; combining that with modern concepts and traditional materials, we believe we have created something that provides an incredible ride that is unique to a Tora bike.